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The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Switzerland (CCIS) is the umbrella association of the 18 cantonal Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Switzerland.

The CCI' are private law associations with a voluntary membership. Their main services are : authentication of export documents, issuance of ATA carnets, protection of politico-economic interests, support of the company network, etc.

The CCIS's business is to :

Promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the cantonal CCI
Be a partner of OSEC Business Network Switzerland
Protect the politico-economic interests vis-à-vis economiesuisse
Jointly develop and promote services 
Represent the CCI in European committees

The management of the CCIS is incumbent on a cantonal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The CCI currently in charge is Ticino.

SIHK - CCIS, Corso Elvezia 16, 6901 Lugano  -   Fax : + 41 91 911 51 12